Type 3 end fitting

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With 22mm tubular end fitting for Knott brakes. Used on trailers manufacturered after September 1992. Used on the following variants: LM147GB, LM167GB, BV125, BV106, BV126, BIAB M, BIAB L, CT115, CT136, LM147G, LM167G, LM187G, GD85, GD125, GD106, GD126, HB505, HB506, HB510, HB511, HB510XL, HB610, TA5GHD 12', TA5GHD 14', TA510G 10', TA510G 12', TA510G 14', GP106, GP126, GP127, GX85, GX105, GX106, CT166, TT105, TT3017