Car, 4x4 & Commercial Tyres in Hertfordshire

Our expert tyre fitters have decades of experience and are renowned for providing exceptional value and customer service on a huge range of vehicles.

Ranging from budget & high performance to low profile & mud-terrains tyres we supply the full range of car, 4x4 and commercial tyres. 

Our fitting service, which is on our premises, includes tracking and wheel balancing to ensure the vehicle runs at their most efficient capacity.

Blains keep as many tyres as possible, however if we do not have what you want in stock we can usually get it by the next day.


Wheel balancing provides an accurate balance to your wheels. Tyres and wheels will have weight imbalances, if those are not countered the comfort of your ride will be impacted and possible premature wear of vehicle components. 

Our tyre balancing process provides a more accurate balance that ultimately produces a smoother ride and a more economical tyre performance. 

Repair services

Getting a puncture never comes at a good time. Where possible our fitters can fix punctures to tubeless or tubed tyres. Some tyres can not be repaired, if you're unfortunate enough to have any of the below faults, our fitters will not complete a repair.

  • Perishing
  • Damage to the interior resulting from under inflation or driven flat
  • Visible to damaged bead wire
  • Illegal tread depth (1.6mm)
  • Exposed cords

Before coming in we recommend you call to check if we have a replacement in stock just in case repair isn’t an option. Same day and next day deliveries are available.

Based near Hemel Hempstead. Our site is conveniently located near the borders of Herts, Beds and Bucks. 


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