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Box Van

The perfect Box Van Trailer - whatever you need to carry, there’s an IFOR Williams Box Trailer to suit your needs. Their Braked Box Trailers are available in a choice of three height options, three width options, and five length options. If that isn’t enough then you could try their smaller Unbraked Box Van Trailer which is ideal for leisure, domestic, or small business users. Box Trailers come with roller shutter, combination ramp doors, or van rear doors, ensuring your Box Van Trailer delivers exactly what you need.

Their Box Trailers are currently used by a variety of customers for transportation needs, whether you are moving home or going on a Staycation or Camping holiday and need to increase capacity for luggage and equipment. Many customers choose a Box Van Trailer to transport sporting and leisure equipment such as canoes, Go Karts, and sporting equipment like posts, goals, and rugby tackle bags. 

IFOR Williams Box Van Trailers are also a firm favourite for the commercial user with many taxi, bus and travel companies using Box Trailers to increase capacity for luggage. Their Box Van Trailers are also popular with garden centres, trades people, response units and companies in the hospitality and event sector. If your Business is mobile and you need to transport essential equipment safely and reliably, the Box Van Trailer is the perfect option for you.

Renowned for its durability and ease of maintenance, the IFOR Williams beam axle system contributes significantly to the low depreciation of their Trailers. Box Van Trailers with white coated side panels are tough, smart, and ready to be sign written, to give you that added business edge and brand exposure. The panels are easy to clean making them convenient regardless of the weather or types of roads you use. Box Van Trailers feature a tapered/curved front section to maximise space and reduce drag. The increase in fuel economy makes a real difference when you are covering long distances. 

To find out more have a look at the model details, key features, specifications, and accessories. You can also view the Box Van brochure which contains all the information you will need before purchasing your high quality IFOR Williams Box Van Trailer.

Ifor Williams Box Van

Technical Specifications

Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width
BV84 Single Axle 165R13C 1400kg 515kg 2.40 1.17m 3.90m 1.80m
BV84 165R13C 2700kg 605kg 2.40 1.17m 3.90m 1.80m
BV85 5' H/R 165R13C 2700kg 640kg 2.40m 1.47m 4.10m 2.10m
BV85 5' H/R Single Axle 165R13C 1400kg 550kg 2.40m 1.47m 4.10m 2.10m
BV85 6' H/R 165R13C 2700kg 675kg 2.40m 1.47m 4.10m 2.10m
BV85 6' H/R Single Axle 165R13C 1400kg 585kg 2.40m 1.47m 4.10m 2.10m
BV85 7' H/R 165R13C 2700kg 770kg 2.40m 1.47m 4.10m 2.10m
BV85 7' H/R Single Axle 165R13C 1400kg 620kg 2.40m 1.47m 4.10m 2.10m
BV105 5' H/R 165R13C 2700kg 705kg 3.00m 1.47m 4.70m 2.10m
BV105 6' H/R 165R13C 2700kg 735kg 3.00m 1.47m 4.70m 2.10m
BV105 7' H/R 165R13C 2700kg 770kg 3.00m 1.47m 4.70m 2.10m
BV125 6' H/R 165R13C 2700kg 800kg 3.60m 1.47m 5.30m 2.10m
BV125 7' H/R 165R13C 2700kg 850kg 3.60m 1.47m 5.30m 2.10m
BV106 6' H/R 155/70R12C 3500kg 900kg 3.00m 1.73m 4.70m 2.30m
BV106 7' H/R 155/70R12C 3500kg 935kg 3.00m 1.73m 4.70m 2.30m
BV126 6' H/R 155/70R12C 3500kg 980kg 3.60m 1.73m 5.35m 2.30m
BV126 7' H/R 155/70R12C 3500kg 1030kg 3.60m 1.73m 5.35m 2.30m
Unbraked BV64e 145/80B10 500kg 200kg 1.85m 1.15m 2.90m 1.65m