IFOR Williams LM126 Twin Axle Flatbed TrailerLM126

£3925£3272 ex VAT

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All flatbed models are built around a welded steel, galvanized chassis fitted with bolt-on tapered drawbars and the Ifor Williams beam axle and leaf sprung suspension. Whenever there’s work to be done you’ll find a flatbed model to help you do it.

Ifor Williams flatbed trailers epitomise the flexibility of our commercial range. Purchasers from roofers to gardeners, small businesses to local authorities have all found that this range of trailers can carry heavy or bulky loads with ease.

The price £3926.40 (Inc VAT) is for the LM126 without any optional accessories (The Removable Headboard. Dropsides & Tailboard AND Weldmesh Panelled Side Extensions as seen in the photos, are not included in this price)

Accessory options:

  • Aluminium Treadplate Floor Covering
  • Removable Headboard. Dropsides & Tailboard
  • 12/24v LED Lights
  • Removable Headboard
  • Removable Ladder Rack (Headboard Required)
  • 1.8m/6' Long Perforated Galvanized Steel Skids (Pair)(Including Prop Stands)
  • Weldmesh Panelled Side Extensions
  • Recessed Lashing Ring (Pair)
  • 6' Full Width Loading Ramp (Including Prop Stands)
  • Prop stands
  • Trailer Aid
  • IWT Coupling Head Security Lock

For more information we have attached the Ifor Williams brochure and if you would like to discuss, please call 01442 842419 or send a message.


Gross Weight 3500kg
Unladen Weight 675kg
Internal Length 3.62m
Internal Width 1.98m
Overall Length 5m
Overall Width 2.1m
Tyres 195/60R12C